Preparing your child

The time it takes children to settle into nursery varies and is an individual process. Below are some suggestions which may help prepare your child for Nursery life.

Top tips

  1. Prior to your settling in week we do ask that you start to prepare your child by leaving them with a familiar person occasionally which will help your child become more used to being with other people.
  2. If you breastfeed, you are welcome to come over to Nursery to feed your child during the day. (We request that you do this at the same time every day). If you decide that you would like to wean your child on to formula milk, it would be helpful if you began this before your child starts at the Nursery, so that they are used to the bottle/beaker and the taste of the milk.
  3. For older children, talking about Nursery and spending time with other children will help them prepare for their arrival.
  4. Although practitioners try to create a quiet calm environment during sleep times it will never be as quiet as it would at home. If your child is used to sleeping in a completely quiet environment, playing a radio will help them adjust to the noise of the Nursery environment.
  5. For older children talking about the nursery and trying foods from the Nursery menu of which you will receive a copy.